Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When graffiti gets personal.

While I was walking to meet my good friend Bradley for cookies and/or biscotti and a nice cup of coffee, I ran into this:

Back fat. That's right folks. My biggest fear is now scribbled onto a wall near my apartment, forcing me to stare this devil in the eye several times a week.

Now, I can't tell what the second word is. I've been told that it's "hot." I'm not convinced. I think it says "Hof," which could be a reference to David Hasselhoff, which makes me think that the wordsmith responsible for this this piece of work is calling back fat crazy. Let me explain.

In the Spanish language, I believe that most of the time the adjective comes after the noun. I'm not certain on this, but let's just pretend I'm right for the sake of this blog post. So, I take it that this graffiti artists is using David Hasselhoff, who is obviously crazy as an adjective. So, we end up with Back fat Hof, which translates to,"Man, back fat is crazy!" I couldn't agree more.