Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'd be lying if most mornings I didn't look in the mirror prior to my walk into work and think "Damn, I look good." I think most people do. Well, except for maybe the blind, but I'm sure even they have some sort of adapted way of knowing whether they have made a fashion faux pas. And if I can recall correctly, I've never seen a blind person horribly dressed.

I think what constitutes a fashion mistake is relative. Everyone has his/her own tastes. So when a woman on the street is wearing a hat that closely resembles the result of a marshamellow Peep, the beloved Easter candy, and a Muppet having a baby, I for one hold her up as a national hero. That purple and pink fur hat speaks loudly, and you know what it's saying? Well, I'll tell you. That giant furry Peep is shouting "Get outta my way! I'm on my way to the top!"

God bless you lady on Fifth Avenue and 19th Street. Your Muppet/Peep hybrid fashion choice just made my entire week.

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