Friday, October 12, 2007

Coffee + Cold Medicine / Lack of Motivation = First blog post.

I've been "blogging" on and off for about the past two years. These have taken various forms, mainly on my MySpace page*, but I figure I would make it official and dedicate an entire forum.


I would start off with something that I actually saw on the subway today, but I've got a cold. As such, the trip into work today was spent concentrating on trying NOT to barf on the passengers around me. So I guess my observation would be that fellow subway riders are pretty observant and seem to know when someone is trying to not puke on them. The looks I received were a fine blend of pity, "oh my god if she yacks, I'm going to yack" and "Why does this always happen to me?". Well, I didn't barf, but I managed to work up a healthy pre-vomit sweat.

* I've noticed that a lot of people have begun to whisper the name "MySpace," as if they are embarrassed to admit that they have a MySpace page. I guess this goes for all sorts of social networking sites. For example, please read the following script:

Me: So I heard your ex was dating that fat chick at TGI Friday's?
Anonymous friend: I know! I saw it (whispering) on his MySpace page.
Me: On his what?
Anonymous: (whispering) On his MySpace page.
Me: Why are you whispering? It's just MySpace.
Anonymous: (nods in a disgraced manner).

I can understand that checking out an exboyfriend's/exgirlfriend's MySpace page could be seen as the cyber equivalent of driving past their house to see if someone else's car is parked in their drive way (not that I've ever done that...shut up), but c'mon. The whole world is either on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. Also, I work in technology public relations, so I can fall back on the standard excuse of "I do it for work. Seriously, they make me."

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