Thursday, July 24, 2008

Batman is WHOA!

Unless you have been sitting in a dark room with no contact what so ever with the outside world, you are probably aware of the Batman craze sweeping the world at the moment.

I for one have been a Batman fan since my youth. From the original 1960s t.v program which I would watch in re-runs every day during the summer at my granny's house to the Batman: The Animated Series which I would watch every day after school all through out my time at Harvest Hills Elementary and Kenneth Cooper Middle School, I have held Batman up high as my super hero of choice. I remember thinking that Michael Keaton was my one and only in the second grade. I remember thinking that Prince was a musical genius for his contributions to the 1989 film. I remember the hype around Catwoman and the Penguin and all the McDonald's marketing behind Batman Returns. Damn, this whole franchise kicks ass.

And five days ago, I had my socks knocked off by The Dark Knight. Holymolyeffinghell. That movie was awesome. Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker is still scaring me at night. I don't have anything else to say. Except for awesome. And that I'm typing all this while watching the 1989 Batman film. And I've been pacing the house all night wishing I had my shipment of books that are currently in Oklahoma as one box contains a collection of short stories all based on Batman. Batman.

Batman. BATMAN!

P.S. Let us all just shove that whole Alicia Silverstone as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl fiasco from the 1990s. That was just shameful.

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