Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is kinda sad, but...

It's amazing how my mood can improve after checking something as ridiculous as this blog's Technorati rating. So I saw on the subway today... is now ranked at 2,531,857. Previously, the blog was at 5,137,428 (you can read about that here).

Because a lot of folks out there don't understand/know about Technorati, let me explain. Basically, my ranking means that there are only 2,531, 857 bloggers out there that are considered better than me. And you know, I'm comfortable with that as I know that if it came down to a real life cage match, I would be ranked number one. I can bite and kick real hard and would "Technorati" the shit outta those other bloggers. I'm actually growling just thinking about.

Keep reading (and figure out how to use Technorati so you can become a fan of this page...or else!).

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