Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I would really like to encourage the readers of this blog to comment as much as possible. I've had several people come up to me and say that they are a fan, but I have no idea, in regards to readership numbers, who is checking out this site.

You might notice that I have the ability to moderate comments, but the only comments I delete are ones that are blatant advertisements for products such as penis enhancers, hair growth topical cream, etc.

Also, out of curiosity I checked my rating on Technorati. And are you ready for this? My rating was "zero." So make me a favorite on Technorati.


Here is your to do list:

1. Start commenting.
2. Mark me as a favorite on Technorati.
3. Keep reading this blog.
4. Come visit me in Sydney.


Mary Ann said...

Is it ironic that a call to action regarding comments has gone ignored? I wouldn't expect anything less from my readers. God we're funny.

Jim G said...

I read a whole bunch of your posts when I remember (usually once every couple of weeks or so)
I forget how/when I added your blog to my favorites. I think you're a friend of a friend I play soccer with in nyc or something.

You are creative and funny.
Don't stop this blog if it means anything to you. I still sorta regret stopping mine, and can't get the motivation to get started again.