Sunday, February 3, 2008

The most rejection I've faced since high school...

About thirty seconds ago, I just received my sixth formal rejection from potential roommates. There have been numerous people who just didn't call me back so we'll leave those ones out of the final count.

Seriously. I've never had this hard of a time making friends/finding roommates in my entire life. I'm not going to be nice anymore. Faking enthusiasm just got tired and boring. If these people want to stereotype me, oh, you better believe I'll give them a stereotype to work with. Everyone can go fuck themselves (that last sentence was the beginning of the transformation, in case you were wondering...).

And to anyone that I've ever met that claims that Americans are judgemental of other cultures, it's amazing when the shoe is on the other foot people. For Christ Sake, I'm not a bad person just because I come from a super power country.



Anonymous said...

Oh man - what a pain. Have you asked around the office for "leads"? I got a few of those from people when I moved to NYC. How about american expat boards etc?

Apart from the "housing crisis" - of a different variety to the one we're reading about here - are you having fun yet? :)

Good luck!

Mary Ann said...

Ack! Ella! I just saw that someone named "Anonymous" posted a comment and I thought "Who is this asshol----ohmygod I know her!

Things are going okay so far. Not having a place to live is a bit stressful. I'm hoping the fun comes soon.