Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Latest Adventures of the Holiday Inn...

That's right. I can speak about the Holiday Inn because I now live there. Yeah, you heard me. I live at the Holiday Inn in Sydney's Chinatown.

If you're thinking right now,"Man, that's about five steps away from being homeless," then you're right. But it's more like four steps depending on how much credit you still have left with American Express.

To my friends that live in New York, I have a little advice for you:

Don't ever leave New York. I repeat: NEVER. LEAVE. The grass, in fact, is NOT greener on the other side. I repeat: NOT. GREENER. And think about it - grass requires mowing. Stick to the concrete jungle. Less maintenace. And I mean that on multiple levels.

In the meantime, please send money and good wishes my way. I don't play an instrument, but if I can find some buckets in the maintenance closet at the hotel, I'll beat on those and take up busking as a part time profession. Seriously. New low folks. All-time new low.

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