Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What do you think of the new site design?

For those of you who are less observant than some, you may have missed the little survey I set up at the top of the blog on the left hand side. Please take all of a millisecond to let me know what you think of the new design. Also feel free to post your comments here about features you would like to see or any other suggestions for improvement. If your suggestions suck, I promise to not publicly ridicule you (for too long).

Mary Ann


Little Jezebel said...

new to the blog, but it does look stellar!

so glad i chanced upon your blog!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for reading! Be sure to add So I saw on the subway today... as one of your Technorati favorites by clicking on the icon on the left side of my blog (I just learned how to set it up today! I'm technically advanced!).

Thanks again for checking out the site!

Scrot said...

Loves it. But I'd prefer an in-person rendition of a Babs song. Tangent: have you ever noticed that Star Jones resembles the late drag queen Divine (starred in Hairspray the movie)?

Mary Ann said...

Is it weird that I knew who posted the above comment totally based on the "Loves it" and the Streisand reference? Jesus B, way to gay up the Internet just a little bit more every day.

Miss you cupcake! I shall sing (make up lyrics) for every gay icon-related song that your little heart desires - Elton, Cher, Bette. This might be the second time that I out gay you.