Sunday, May 18, 2008

Moving on up, To the East Side, We finally got a piece of the pie!

The Technorati pie that is! My blog just moved over 5 million spots on Technorati's blog rankings - So I saw on the subway today... is now ranked 5,137,428! Whoopee! We're in the top six million baby! This is just like when I won 16th place (also known as second to last) in my middle school's track meet!

I believe the significant jump in rank is due to the fact that someone linked to my blog posting on General Electric destroying my life. Thanks to the blogger who liked the story enough to repost it. It's kind of funny to see my ramblings posted alongside serious news posts. I guess there is a market for incoherent babbling.

For those of you with your own blogs, feel free to link my content, as today officially marks my unhealthy obsession with improving my Technorati ranking. Do I check the Technorati website at least five times every hour? You betcha! Is there a direct link between my personal self-esteem and how many Technorati fans I have? You better believe it!

It's pretty easy to become a "fan" of this blog - just click on the Technorati button on the left side of the screen and you can help catapult So I saw on the subway... to greater heights (as well as stroke my ego). Let's make this blog rank 5,137,427 by next month! Weezy Jefferson would approve!

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