Sunday, May 18, 2008

Halloween 2008 - too early to start planning my costume? NO!

I know some of you might think that since it's only the middle of May, it's too early to be planning a Halloween costume. Well, to you people I say this: I've been brainstorming Halloween costumes since February, so just deal with it and plan on giving me a prize for the most Halloween costume you've ever seen, come October 31st, of course.

So far, these are the options I've come up. In no particular order:

1. A chicken nugget
2. Marie Antoinette - pre-decapitation
3. Marie Antoinette - post-decapitation
4. A hot dog
5. The Incredible Hulk
6. A Kleenex
7. A blog (obviously, this blog!)
8. Linda Richman (Mike Meyers' character from Saturday Night Live circa early 1990s)
9. A cupcake
10. A skeleton

I know my lists ranges from high brow (Marie Antoinette - pre-decapitation) to "what the hell are you thinking?" (the rest of the list), but I think I can pull these costumes off. The Hulk would be the easiest, obviously. My luscious muscles can't be contained. But seriously, I'm sure I could manipulate my body fat to RESEMBLE muscles. And when I suck in my gut hard enough, it kind of looks like I have a one pack...which is only five away from a six-pack. STOP JUDGING ME!

Leading up to the final costume decision, feel free to leave your ideas for my Halloween costume in the comment section of this post. Please, nothing vulgar. I've already gone as the Virgin Mary post-giving birth to the baby Jesus, so trust me, you can't really beat that. (<-- Fun Fact: That costume is what secured my ticket to Hell).

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