Monday, May 19, 2008

Sue Simmons - my new favorite news anchor.

For you New Yorkers, this is probably a bit old. However, I am still at the end of the Earth in the middle of nowhere and only heard of this yesterday. Please watch the following video clip:

I'm guessing you are probably thinking to yourselves that Sue Simmons is now my favorite news anchor. Well, you're right. Any women that curses like a sailor on live television earns my respect. And what a diva! What do you think Sue was swearing at? Leave your ideas in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

i love sue. she's the best in the business, and that's why she's been the lead female anchor at wnbc for over 28 years. she turns 65, in a few days - doesn't she look amazing?!?

both her and her co-anchor (chuck scarborough), both believed that they were taping a promo for their 11pm broadcast, and sue said that to chuck, because he missed his line, because he was reading something on his computer. of course, it turned out, that it was VERY much live.

now some so say that even so, that's no way to talk to anyone, especially since others are around to hear this in the studio --- but you have to take into mind that chuck and sue having been working together for over 28 years, and are very close and comfortable with each other. sue herself, (while being interviewed during her 25th anniv) said that he is her tv husband.

Mary Ann said...

I was hoping she was swearing at say, a makeup person for retouching her incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

I hear that she likes to have a few drinks in between the 6 and 11 broadcasts...and I think you see where the story is going