Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"You have the biggest pupils I've ever seen...suprised you're not a pothead." -- My Optometrist (originally posted November 1, 2006)

I had my first eye exam since the late 90s today. I believe it was 1999 that I last had my eyes checked and got glasses, so I've been rocking the same frames since my junior year of high school. luckily, i had simple taste in glasses back then, because according to my optometrist, my frames are still considered "stylish" by the glasses industry.

My optometrist also made another observation during my visit. While checking my eyes and vision, she noted that I had, by far, the largest undilated pupils she'd ever seen. And then she uttered this little gem: "I'm suprised you haven't been mistaken for a pot head your entire life..." I didn't really know what to say, but I guess that's kinda awesome? Right?

My entire life people have commented on my eyes. I've been asked if I'm half Asian or Hispanic among other things due to their shape and color. People have also commented on the pupil issue, saying that it often looks like I simply have giant block dots, with no discernible iris. I've never been sure if this is being said in a complimentary fashion.

Since the pupil is what regulates the amount of light entering the eye, I must be taking in qutie a bit of the surrounding light, so I'd like to think that I'm possibly acting as an energy reserve. Perhaps people will look to me in the future for ideas on how to conserve power and energy. I'll be reveered for my massive pupils.

On another positive note, for people with obese pupils, a researcher named Dr. Eckhard Hess theorized that the larger the pupil, the more sexually attractive you are considered. So essentially all of you reading this are dry humping your keyboards just by me mentioning my larger than life pupils. I'm flattered in a weird way?

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